About Us

Pearlescent Green is a subsidiary for worldly acclaimed Pearlescent Electricals, the bright and green name for solar and led companies all over the world. The company delivers solar energy systems and LED solutions in the most efficient manner. As a system supplier, we at Pearlescent offer all components for a solar installation as well as all related services. Pearlescent Green being established in the year 2012 in India as a new company have a vast experience in the particular field of solar energy and low consumption led light. We have already delivered a number of successful projects over a short period of time in the country.
We at Pearlescentstrive to deliver our customer as much of a customer friendly environment as possible. Pearlescent gives you the power of sun that is being wasted on your rooftop or porch etc. to use it as a free of cost electricity without any fuss keeping the environment as clean as it gets. We also give you the new generation light standards i.e.: Light Emitting Diodes or LED. LED‘s are much less power consuming solutions that has a substantial life of years in general. Both Solar and LED solutions are a modern day gift to human being that in its on way keeps our pockets fat and planet healthy.
Pearlescent also gives you a completely hazard free and user friendly environment to work in after the installations. We know that our country is full areas which don’t even have access to lighting solutions thus making this our major field of involvement. We at Pearlescent believe in the fulfillment of our customer’s need in most efficient of manner accordingly.

Our Aim

At Pearlescent, it is our aim to provide clean energy to millions of Indians and save electricity by implementing LED’s in our daily lives, and aid the country’s endeavors to achieve energy security, and to participate in the fight against global warming. We push ourselves forward to become the top solar and led solutions organization of the country thus helping millions people in the process, to raise their standard of living




CS07 , 1st Floor, Ansal Plaza, Vaishali, Ghaziabad -201010