Solar Modules

Solar Modules

Solar modules, also called photovoltaic or PV modules, directly convert sunlight into electricity and are thus, a source of clean, decentralised power
[Solar modules]
Pearlescent Solar Systems’ modules have 25 years of useful life with 80 per cent of power still available at the end of that time period. They can be configured from watts to MW.

Features include:

  1. Higher energy-yield anti-reflective (ARC) glass
  2. Optimised edge clearance
  3. Anodised aluminium frames that are torsion and corrosion resistant
  4. Ultra soft interconnect with stress relief
  5. Mechanical strength of module

The benefits of solar photovoltaic modules span environmental, economic and social spheres.

  • Environmental benefits
    1. Photovoltaic modules can fill the gap to help India reach its renewable energy targets
    2. Photovoltaic modules directly reduce rising CO2 emissions in an environmentally friendly manner with full lifecycle responsibility for its product
  • Economic benefits
    1. Investment in photovoltaic modules provides positive net present value
    2. Increases long-term energy security of supply
    3. Provides valuable peak power
    4. Contributes to smart grid and job creation
  • Social benefits
    1. Contributes to electrification of rural areas
    2. Caps increasing household energy cost
    3. Contributes to inclusive growth and social harmony
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