Solar Power

Pearlescent Portfolio Meets Highest Quality Standards.

We offer the full range of products for high-performance solar solutions. Consistent quality is never achieved by chance. For Pearlescent one thing is clear – we never compromise on quality. Each and every material, every supplier and every component is carefully checked. Not just once, but repeatedly under the most rigorous quality testing process in the industry.

Solar Modules

What are your requirements? Flat roof, pitched roof or free-field? Installation near the coast, in the mountains or in the desert? Pearlescent has the right answer with suitable module types and is visually appealing too. What’ more, with our solar modules, you can be sure that even after a quarter of a century you’ll still be able to rely on them.

Mounting Systems

Not only do pearlescent mounting systems provide maximum durability and consistent safety, they can be quickly and cost-effectively installed. Incorporating patented technology and high-quality materials, our mounting systems give solar modules the best possible support on any roof, in any field and in any weather.


Whether it’s a small solar energy system on a single-family home or a commercial megawatt solar park, all system operators want to make the most out of sunlight. To this end, we provides high-performance and reliable electronic solutions in a variety of different output classes.

System Monitoring

With monitoring technology our customers know, at any time, how much power their system is generating, and can specifically utilize any existing potential. This has the benefit of ensuring maximum yields while minimizing the need for on-site service.


Whether it’s solar cables, adapters or tools’s quality accessories from pearlescent complete the product portfolio.

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