Why Choose Us?

1. Why solar ?

How can we generate electricity in a way which is reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable? Answering this question is THE challenge of our time. As a solar pioneer our focus has been on the sun right from the start. Every day, it provides us with more energy than we can use – energy that is clean and free. It will continue to do so for billions of years.

We are delighted the world is embracing a new direction, in line with our vision, namely a move away from nuclear and fossil fuels toward forward-looking solutions. Drawing on our extensive expertise and dedicating ourselves to the task, we can help solar power become the cornerstone of tomorrow’s power supply.

To achieve this goal, we are developing solutions for our discerning customers which are more and more efficient. Solar power is profitable and an active contribution to climate protection.

You can produce your own electricity. You are not affected by rising electricity prices. And you can use the electricity for your own consumption.

Be “green” and benefit from your Conergy photovoltaic system:


Solar energy conserves existing fossil fuels.

Environmentally friendly

Producing electricity is environmentally friendly. It is your contribution to a brighter future.


The production of solar power is completely silent and odour-free.

2. Why LED ?

Discover a new way to experience light.
Light-emitting diodes, known as LEDs, have existed more than 40 years, but only recent innovation and technology advances have made them bright enough to provide useful lighting in commercial and residential settings. Because the special semiconductor chips are made from ultra-high-purity materials under tightly controlled conditions, LEDs today:

Are able to sustain high light output under demanding operating conditions.
Do not burn out instantaneously like normal light bulbs, but rather degrade over a period of many years or even decades of continuous operation, thus enabling nearly maintenance-free operation.

Are extremely efficient at converting electric power into visible light (currently up to 5x more efficient than standard light bulbs) as well as producing no infrared light that provides the warming effect experienced with normal filament-type bulbs This high efficiency not only means lower energy consumption for the lighting itself, but less secondary heat generation leading to substantial savings in air conditioning costs as well.

After faithfully burning brightly for 5 to 10 years and only losing 20% to 30% of their initial brightness, when it does come time to take a LED fixture out of service, one can safely and easily dispose of it through normal means. The tiny semiconductor chip is safely encapsulated and does not contain harmful materials such as lead or mercury that can be damaging to human health and the environment.
Choosing LED is the only bright choice.




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